Dementia and cognition supplement for home care

This supplement helps home care providers with the cost of caring for people who have moderate to severe cognitive impairment. Find out about eligibility, using cognitive assessment tools to assess care recipients, how to apply, and what to do if circumstances change.

Applies to

This supplement is for approved providers of Home Care Packages

It automatically applies to the following types of flexible care: 

  • Multi-Purpose Services 

  • National Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Programme  

  • Transition Care Program  

What is the supplement?

This supplement helps with the cost of caring for people with moderate to severe cognitive impairment from dementia or other conditions. 

Supplement rate

View the current supplement rate in the Schedule of Subsidies and Supplements.  


If your care recipient is: 

All other care recipients must score 10 or higher on the Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales (PAS) to be eligible. You can use one of the following scales, depending on which is suitable for the care recipient: 

For how to do a PAS assessment using these scales, read the PAS User Guide


If your care recipient is eligible for both the veterans’ supplement and the dementia and cognition supplement, you will only receive the veterans’ supplement. 

Who can do the assessments?

The PAS and RUDAS assessments can be done by: 

  • a registered nurse 

  • a clinical nurse consultant 

  • a nurse practitioner 

  • a clinical psychologist 

  • a medical practitioner 

The KICA-Cog assessment can be done by: 

How to apply

If you’re a home care provider: 

  1. assess your care recipient 

  2. record the results  

  3. keep proof of eligibility with the care recipient’s records 

  4. complete and submit the Application Form (AC014) to Services Australia by email or post (details are in the form)

If circumstances change

If a care recipient has been assessed as eligible for this supplement and their package level or provider changes, they do not need to be reassessed. 

If your care recipient stops their services with you, you can still submit an application. Make sure: 

  • they were eligible up to the date they stopped 

  • you enter the end date on your form to avoid overpayment


Aged care subsidies and supplements contact

Email us if you have questions about aged care subsidies or supplements for approved providers.

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Last updated: 
22 January 2020