Enteral feeding supplement for aged care

Approved residential and home care providers can get this supplement to help with the costs of enteral feeding. Find out more about enteral feeding, whether your care recipient is eligible and how to apply.

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What is the supplement?

The enteral feeding supplement is a primary supplement. This supplement supports residents who have a medical need for enteral feeding.

Supplement rate

View the current supplement rate in the Schedule of Subsidies and Supplements.


You receive this supplement when you support a care recipient who is prescribed enteral feeding.

Enteral feeding is where a resident gets nutrients through a tube in their nose, stomach or small intestine. The supplement is not payable for dietary formulas that are taken orally, used as food supplements, or administered in addition to food by mouth.

To claim the enteral feeding supplement on behalf of a care recipient, you will need:

  • a doctor’s (not a dietician’s) written certification that the care recipient has a medical need for enteral feeding
  • a doctor’s or dietician’s written certification that the dietary formula prescribed is nutritionally complete
  • details of the care recipient’s particular enteral feeding requirements, which can be in their written certification, care plan or hospital discharge papers, or dietician’s enteral feeding instructions

Other government payments 

A home care recipient who uses enteral feeding may also be eligible for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment.

Those eligible for the enteral feeding supplement may no longer be eligible for state and territory government aids and equipment schemes.

How to apply

Apply for the enteral feeding supplement online with Services Australia.

You can return the form and supporting evidence by:

The enteral feeding supplement does not carry across providers. You will need to make a new application for each eligible resident, even if their previous provider received the supplement.


The supplement will be paid from the date you receive approval. Notification of approval will be on your Medicare payment statement.

Payments may be backdated to whichever date is the latest, of either:

  • the date of medical certification
  • the date the person entered care


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