Training and guidance for aged care providers

Find information and resources for aged care providers, workers and the sector. This includes information about initiatives to grow and upskill the workforce, emergency planning, working with diverse groups and managing infectious diseases.

Working with dementia

Dementia is a syndrome caused by various underlying diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

It can affect memory, thinking, behaviour, communication and a person’s ability to perform daily tasks.

The number of people living with dementia in aged care is growing, and they need understanding and compassionate care.

Learn about caring for people living with dementia.

Working with diverse groups

Australia has a diverse population with many different support needs. Aged care services should be appropriate, accessible and sensitive to the individual needs of all older people.

Learn about meeting the needs of diverse groups.

Managing infectious diseases

Infectious diseases can catch and spread quickly in an aged care setting. For older people, they can be life-threatening.

Learn about managing infectious diseases, managing COVID-19 and what to do in an outbreak.

Restrictive practices in residential aged care

A restrictive practice is any action that restricts someone’s rights or freedom. They should be a last resort to help prevent harm.

Learn about managing restrictive practices in aged care.

Emergency events in aged care

All aged care providers must have an emergency management plan in place, so that you can continue to provide quality care even during an emergency.

Learn about managing emergencies in aged care.

Electronic National Residential Management Charts

Electronic National Residential Management Charts (eNRMC) help you manage medications safely in residential aged care.

Through real time prescribing and administering records, eNRMC: 

  • reduce risk and medication errors
  • increase flexibility
  • ensures patient care is coordinated between providers, prescribers and pharmacists.

Find out about eNRMC.

My Aged Care workforce training

The My Aged Care Workforce Learning Strategy 2023 outlines the required capabilities and minimum training requirements for:

  • Customer Solutions Specialists  in the My Aged Care Contact Centre
  • Aged Care Specialist Officers in selected Services Australia service centres
  • Home Support Assessors in Regional Assessment Services
  • Comprehensive Assessors in Aged Care Assessment Teams.

These workers can access training through:

  • online Learning Management System (MACLearning)
  • on-the-job training delivered by each organisation.

We assess workers’ on-the-job appraisal activities to ensure they meet requirements.

Find out about the training and learning system for My Aged Care


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