The Government is now operating in accordance with the Caretaker Conventions pending the outcome of the 2022 federal election.

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We develop and deliver policies and programs and advise the Australian Government on health, aged care and sport. We work with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure better health for all Australians.

  • The Australian health system
    Learn about the role that the Australian Government plays in our world-class health system.
  • What we do
    Find out about our work in awareness and education, consultation and engagement, initiatives and programs, grants and tenders, policy, regulation, compliance and research.
  • Who we are
    Meet our ministers and leadership team, view our organisational chart and find out about the Health portfolio.
  • Work with us
    Learn about the benefits of working at Health. Join our team to help us achieve our goals.
  • 100 years of Health
    Learn about the achievements at Health from 7 March 1921 to now.
  • Corporate reporting
    Browse our corporate plan, annual reports, budget statements, senate order listings, and Freedom of Information (FOI) disclosures.
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    Find all the ways you can contact us, send us your feedback or ask a question.
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5 March 2021

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