Types of aged care services

Aged care providers can deliver services in a person’s home, community setting or residential aged care home. Read about the different types of services – including services that support diverse groups – and how these services are delivered.

Aged care services in Australia

We fund aged care providers to deliver services, including:

  • entry level support at home
  • more complex support for older people who can live independently at home with help
  • various care options and accommodation for older people who can no longer live at home.

As an aged care provider you must provide quality aged care services.

Residential aged care services

Residential aged care is delivered in aged care homes for older people who can no longer live at home.

Aged care homes provide:

  • accommodation
  • 24-hour personal care
  • access to nursing and general health services.

They can also provide:

  • respite care
  • short-term planned care
  • emergency residential aged care.

In-home care services

In-home care enable older people to keep living in their own home with some help.

Approved providers can deliver these services through the:

Flexible care services

Flexible care is for people who need support that’s not offered in residential and home care.

The types of flexible care vary depending on the person’s needs. They all help with day-to-day tasks, and to restore or maintain independence.

Providers can deliver flexible care through:

Services for older people with a disability

The Disability Support for Older Australians Program assists older people with a disability with support tailored to their needs. Including:

  • assistance with self-care
  • counselling
  • hearing services
  • exercise physiology.

Services for First Nations people

We fund various programs for First Nations people aged 50 years or over, so they can access quality and culturally appropriate aged care services.

Services for people with dementia

We fund various dementia initiatives and programs to support people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Services for diverse groups

Aged care services should:

  • be accessible
  • be culturally sensitive
  • meet the individual needs of all older people, regardless of background and circumstances.

Read more about meeting the needs of diverse groups of older people.

Private care services

We do not subsidise private providers. People must pay the full cost of private services.

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