How the QI Program works

Understand the 5 quality indicators, and how aged care service providers collect and report on the indicators.

Understanding the quality indicators

From 1 July 2021, residential aged care providers are required to collect and report on 5 quality indicators for each care recipient:

QI Program indicators:

  • Pressure injuries – percentage of care recipients with pressure injuries, reported against 6 pressure injury stages
  • Physical restraint – percentage of care recipients who were physically restrained
  • Unplanned weight loss – percentage of care recipients who experienced
    • significant unplanned weight loss (5% or more)
    • consecutive unplanned weight loss
  • Falls and major injury – percentage of care recipients who experienced
    • one or more falls
    • one or more falls resulting in major injury
  • Medication management – percentage of care recipients who
    • were prescribed 9 or more medications
    • received antipsychotic medications.

To make sure the data is consistent, providers must report data in the same way according to the requirements of the QI Program.

Read our manual so you understand how to collect and record quality indicator data according to QI Program requirements.

National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program Manual

This manual for government-subsidised residential aged care providers covers: the aged care quality indicators, how to collect and submit your data; a range of tools and resources to support continuous improvement; information on how to access and use the QI Program tools in the My Aged Care portal.

Other resources that support the QI Program include:

Reporting quality indicator data

Approved providers of government-subsidised residential aged care services must submit quality indicator data.

You must submit data for each residential aged care service, even if you’re part of a larger provider group.

The following services are excluded and do not need to report data:

Submitting the data

Data recording templates have been developed to support providers to record data from 1 July 2021. These templates automatically calculate and summarise data for each quality indicator for submission through the My Aged Care provider portal.

A commercial benchmarking company can submit quality indicator data on your behalf. You’re responsible for making sure they submit by the deadline as required by law.

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