Aged care volunteer stories – Tania

Tania is a project officer who manages volunteers in the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme. She shares her insights on how to effectively support volunteers.

Supporting and retaining aged care volunteers

Tania is a project officer at Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra (MCCI) who helps manage Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) volunteers.

‘We need ACVVS volunteers to provide support for some of our senior or elderly community members who are either isolated or have no family connections. 

'I think that volunteers are crucial and that they benefit just as much as the scheme participants. Many of them would like to give back and make a difference in their own communities, so it’s a win-win for all. It is important for the participants to feel connected with their communities as well.’

Tania has seen aged care volunteers change throughout her time as an ACVVS Project Officer.

‘We see more younger people putting their hand up to volunteer. I’ve found that students want to engage with elderly people in the community to feel that sense of family connection because they don’t have their own family here. To engage with an older person makes them feel like they have their nanna or poppy.’

She also has some good tips on supporting and retaining volunteers.

‘I think it’s important to connect with them on a regular basis and provide the necessary training and support mechanisms they may need. 

'For example, a lot of our volunteers visit and build strong relationships with elderly people in residential facilities who will eventually pass on. It is then important for us to follow up and provide support.

'Getting to know your volunteers so you know who they are as people and understand their needs is also important. For the volunteers who come into our program, we try to adapt our communication style and diversify the way we deliver information. 

'Some of our volunteers are in their seventies and they’re not that tech savvy so I’ll send text messages to make sure they receive and understand information. 

'We are very honoured to have them on board and we appreciate everything that they do in the communities. They’re one of us, they’re a part of MCCI and they make a difference.’

Make a positive impact to older people in your community by finding aged care volunteering opportunities.

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