Aged care volunteer stories – Jim

Aged care volunteer Jim is a Resident Support Volunteer with RSL Care South Australia. He opens up about how volunteering has helped him overcome mental health challenges.

Finding purpose through aged care volunteering

Jim started his aged care volunteering journey in 2013 and has been with RSL Care South Australia since March 2017.

‘I have PTSD and needed to do something to get myself out of a rut. I thought that working with people would help and decided aged care would be the way to go.’

As a Resident Support Volunteer, Jim is across many tasks in his day-to-day role.

‘I give one on one support with residents, assist with activities, take residents shopping and to appointments, drive the bus for trips with residents and will recite the Ode of Remembrance at Veterans’ funerals. I also conduct memorial services for people who have no funeral and am involved with ANZAC and Remembrance Day services.’

Jim thoroughly enjoys his role as an aged care volunteer.

‘It gave me real purpose and provide me with a great sense of satisfaction and joy being able to help people. I really enjoy the connections built with people and the interactions with the residents and their families.

'Volunteering has kept me out of hospital with my mental health and has given me a clear purpose. It has also given me a better understanding of the elderly and their needs.’

Make a positive impact to older people in your community by finding aged care volunteering opportunities.

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