Before providing residential aged care services

Before you can provide Australian Government-subsidised residential aged care services, you must take several steps. These include applying to be an approved provider, telling us about your services, publishing the details of your service and understanding your responsibilities.

Step 1. Become an approved provider

You must become an approved provider before you can get government funding.

An approved provider:

Step 2. Understand your responsibilities

To maintain your approved provider status, you must demonstrate the residential aged care provider responsibilities.

Step 3. Apply for allocated places

To get government funding, you must have an approved allocation of places.

To apply for places, you need to be an approved provider or have applied to become a provider.

Step 4. Get accreditation

To receive Australian Government subsidies, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission must accredit your service.

Accreditation assesses approved providers’ compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Visit the Commission website to find out how to become accredited.

Step 5: Set your room prices

You can set your room prices for different kinds of rooms up to a refundable deposit of $550,000 (or the equivalent daily payment).

You must apply to the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority to set a price higher than the maximum, or to renew your approval. Approval lasts 4 years from the approval date.

Step 6. Register with My Aged Care

You will need to set up your account in the My Aged Care service provider portal. There, you will:

  • create a profile
  • publish your room prices
  • manage service referrals

Senior Australians will then be able to find your service when they search for a provider.

Watch our video on how to set up your profile as a residential aged care provider.

Publishing room prices

You are required to publish some information about your rooms, and keep it updated. This includes:

  • the maximum accommodation price for each room, or part of a room, in the aged care home given as both a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) and equivalent daily payment (DAP), and an example of a combination payment
  • a description of the accommodation
  • an explanation of the payment options

This allows people to make an informed decision about their accommodation.

You must publish this information:

  • on My Aged Care
  • on your own website, if you have one
  • in any printed materials given to potential residents

Step 7. Register to claim the subsidy

Once you are approved and accredited, you can register for claiming the residential aged care subsidy.

If you provide care to someone who is eligible, the Government will also pay a supplement on their behalf.

The Government also pays approved providers a residential respite subsidy for each person in residential respite care.

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