Delivering services under residential aged care

Government-subsidised residential aged care providers can offer certain types of services. These include accommodation, hotel-type services, and care and support. There are also certain services you cannot provide.

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Services you can provide

Aged care homes should be comfortable environments that meet the day-to-day needs for their residents.

Residential aged care services are:

  • accommodation — a room including utilities, essential furniture, bedding and toiletries
  • hotel-type services — services that day-to-day needs and facilities management
  • care and support services — help with personal hygiene, grooming and moving around, and clinical care

How to provide residential aged care services

This guide for providing residential care services includes:

  • the care and services you cannot charge additional service fees for
  • the care and services you can charge additional service fees for
  • other information for residential aged care providers

What you need to do

Add your details to My Aged Care to let residents know who you are and the services you provide.

You must include your services in resident agreements.

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