Allocated places for Multi-Purpose Services (flexible aged care places)

Approved Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) providers can apply for an allocation of flexible aged care places. Find out when and how to apply.

What are allocated places?

To receive funding through a flexible aged care subsidy and supplements you must:

  • be an approved aged care provider for flexible care
  • have an approved allocation of flexible places.

How to get an allocation of places

To get allocated places, approved MPS providers can:

  • successfully apply in an allocation round
  • transfer an allocated place from another service — we need to approve this.

Allocation rounds

Legislation sets out the way we plan and run allocation rounds. See Part 2.2 — Allocation of places of the Aged Care Act 1997 and the Allocation Principles 2014.

Current round

Applications for the 2022-23 round are now open and close on 8 June 2023. Up to 100 flexible aged care places for residential aged care were available in this round.

Read more about and download applications forms for the 2023–23 round.

What you can apply for

Allocation rounds give approved MPS providers the chance to:

  • apply for additional places to expand their service
  • apply for new places — to establish a new service.

Provisional allocation of places

We can provisionally allocate places when you can’t provide care immediately. This can happen when new building works are under way, for example.

You have 4 years in which to make places available. When you’re ready, you need to complete an Application to Provide Care Form.

You can apply to extend your provisional allocation period up to 2 times. Each extension lasts 12 months. Complete an Application for an Extension Form to apply for an extension.

We will only grant extensions beyond 6 years from the date of allocation if there are exceptional circumstances. You must apply for this additional extension using an Application for Extension Due to Exceptional Circumstances Form. If we do not grant this extension, the provisionally allocated places will lapse.

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