Charging for Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program services

People receiving aged care services from a Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) provider are expected to help with the cost by paying fees, if they can afford to do so. Find out what fees you may charge as an approved MPS provider.

Approved MPS providers receive Australian Government funding for the aged care part of their service. You can also ask people receiving care to help with the costs by paying fees and charges.

Each state and territory government, or individual MPS, sets their fees and charges. Ask your MPS provider for more information about their fees and charges.

Fees that apply

As an MPS provider, you may charge:

  • a daily care fee for hotel-type daily services (for example, laundry and meals) and care
  • an accommodation payment

Daily care fees

The daily fee is similar to the basic daily fee and the means-tested care fee charged by residential aged care services.

You decide the amount payable, but you must make sure that:

  • you’re not charging more than you initially agreed with the person receiving care
  • you offer to enter into an accommodation agreement

Accommodation costs

You can charge accommodation costs to residents who started receiving care from 1 July 2014 in the same way as residential aged care services and must meet the same regulatory and prudential requirements.

If you charge or hold accommodation bonds or refundable accommodation deposits (RAD), you have the same prudential responsibilities as residential aged care approved providers. The Accommodation Bond Guarantee Scheme covers the accommodation bonds and RADs you collect.

A person entering an MPS can have a pre-entry means assessment from Services Australia. They can provide their Services Australia assessment information to you for consideration.

Managing fees and charges

Fees and charges are managed and administered by the individual MPS in accordance with your state or territory government policy.

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