Delivering services under the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program

Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) deliver a range of health and aged care services in regional and remote areas. These include residential care and home care.

Services you can provide

Flexible aged care places allocated to MPS providers are designated as either:

  • residential aged care (high care or low care), including respite care
  • home care

MPS providers can deliver services flexibly. This means you can adjust your allocated places between residential and home settings to best meet the changing needs of your local community.

Residential care

MPS providers must provide residential aged care and at least one other service, such as:

  • acute or sub-acute care
  • primary care
  • other health services

Residential care involves providing personal and nursing care in an aged care setting and includes:

  • accommodation
  • furniture
  • furnishings
  • equipment
  • appropriate staff
  • meals
  • cleaning services

Respite care

Some MPSs provide residential respite care, which gives a short-term break to carers and those they care for.

The number of respite care days available per year to someone in a MPS is not limited and the length of their stay is negotiated directly with the service.

Home care

Some MPSs provide flexible care in the home. These home care services are tailored to the person’s specific care needs to help them stay in their own home.

Home care services include:

  • personal care services
  • social support
  • continence management
  • assistance with activities of daily living

If you offer home care, your requirements are different from the Home Care Packages Program. You don’t have to:

  • use a consumer-directed care model
  • have an individual budget for the client

However, you are expected to consider your clients’ choices and preferences when planning and providing home care services.

You can become a Home Care Packages provider if you meet the requirements.

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