Flexible care subsidy for Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program

The Australian Government pays approved Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) providers a flexible care subsidy for the aged care part of their service. It is based on the number of allocated places and the daily funding amounts (including relevant supplements) set by Ministerial Determination.

What is the flexible care subsidy for the MPS Program?

The Australian Government pays a flexible care subsidy to MPS providers for each allocated place. The subsidy is paid even if the place is not filled. This means small providers in rural and remote locations can be certain of their funding.

The flexible aged care subsidy covers the aged care part of the service.

Calculating the subsidy

The flexible aged care subsidy for each MPS is calculated based on the:

  • number of allocated places
  • daily funding amount, including relevant supplements
  • the number of days in the funding period

To understand how the subsidy is calculated, see Chapter 4, Part 1 of the Aged Care (Subsidy, Fees and Payments) Determination 2014.

Whenever subsidies or supplement change, we update the determination. This happens at least once a year.

How is the subsidy paid?

The Department of Health pays MPS providers under a payment agreement. We make payments quarterly, in advance.

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