Before providing Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program services

Before you can provide aged care services through the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program, you must take several steps. These include applying to be an approved provider, publishing information about your services, and understanding your responsibilities.

Become an approved provider

You must become an approved provider to:

An approved provider:

  • gets and manages subsidies to deliver aged care services
  • is responsible for delivering quality aged care
  • manages clients’ fees and payments

Read more about approved providers, what they do and how to apply.

Most approved MPS providers are state, territory or local government organisations.

Apply for allocated places

We usually allocate flexible aged care places once a year.

Find out how to apply for these allocated places.

Setting up a new MPS

If you want to set up a new MPS, you will need joint agreement from the Australian Government and your state or territory government.

As a rule, new MPS are not established in towns where other residential aged care services already exist.

We may grant your proposal in-principle approval if it meets the MPS Program’s objectives and your state or territory government supports it.

To establish a new MPS Program service you must:

  • consult the community
  • identify a suitable site
  • get capital and infrastructure commitments from your state or territory government
  • have in-principle approval from us
  • meet the relevant criteria in the Aged Care Act 1997 and principles
  • develop a service delivery plan
  • be allocated places in an allocation round

Understand your responsibilities

You must understand the responsibilities of Multi-Purpose Services Program providers that are set out in law. They include things like:

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