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The Hearing Services Program has more than 300 providers in nearly 3,000 locations across Australia. Not all hearing providers are registered with the program. Our directory can help you find your nearest program provider.

Find a provider

More than 300 providers across 3,000 locations in Australia support Hearing Services Program clients.

Use our directory to find your nearest provider. You can search by town, suburb, postcode or provider name.

The search results will display up to 20 providers in your local area, depending on the distance from your search location.

If a clinic location shows as a visiting site, it means it will provide services at specific times only.

Provider services

Program providers can:

  • assess your hearing
  • provide advice, support and rehabilitation
  • recommend hearing device(s), if needed
  • fit your device(s)
  • conduct annual device reviews
  • provide batteries and ongoing repairs and maintenance, if agreed.

You might be able to attend some of your appointments remotely through telehealth – check with your provider.

Changing your provider

You can change to a different provider at any time for any reason; however, you can only have one provider at a time.

Your new provider will:

  • ask you to complete a consent form so that they can access a copy of your records
  • arrange for the transfer of your records from your previous provider to ensure your continuity of care
  • take over your maintenance agreement if you have one in place
  • If you transfer to another provider and have a partially subsidised device your new provider may set new conditions and costs for maintenance of your devices.

Read more about consumer rights and what to do if you have a complaint.

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