Guide to hearing technology

Hearing devices have specific capabilities and features. Learn about these features and how you can find a device that best meets your needs. Understand common words and phrases manufacturers use for these features.

This online guide was developed with the assistance of the National Acoustic Laboratories. For a print version see A Guide to Understanding Hearing Aid Technology.

  • Speech understanding features

    These features help you recognise and make sense of what people say, even in the presence of background noise or at a distance. They help you be part of the conversation. 

  • Sound quality features

    These features provide and support hearing ability, awareness and access to sound and communication. 

  • Comfort features

    Features that make sounds comfortable to listen to in any environment. 

  • Usability features

    Automation and adjustable features that make devices easy to use. 

  • Connectivity features 

    Connecting your hearing aids to other devices and hearing aid accessories. 

  • Personalisation features

    Customising your hearing aid to match your listening needs and preferences. 

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