Providing Hearing Services Program services

Read about becoming a Hearing Services Program provider or supplier, managing your clients, using the portal and requirements for hearing practitioners, services and devices.

  • Become a provider

    You can apply online to become a Hearing Services Program provider and claim for the services and devices you provide under the program. If approved, you must then abide by the program legislation and terms of your contract.
  • Managing client details

    Hearing Services Program providers must meet program requirements when dealing with clients and their health records, and when fitting hearing devices. This includes getting consent from clients and managing records in line with relevant laws.
  • Service and device requirements

    Before delivering services and devices under the program, providers must make sure the client has a current voucher and the services are available to the client.
  • Hearing practitioner requirements

    Only qualified practitioners with a qualified practitioner number, or provisional practitioners under supervision, can provide services to clients under the program.
  • Claiming

    The program reimburses providers for hearing services and devices they provide to eligible clients under the program. There are 3 ways to claim.
  • Provider compliance

    Hearing Services Program providers must follow the terms of their contract and legislation. Providers can do their own audits, and we regularly conduct compliance monitoring.
  • Manufacturer and supplier requirements

    Manufacturers and suppliers of hearing devices can apply to supply hearing devices and products under the program. See how to register, the requirements you must meet and a list of current suppliers.
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