Privacy notice for the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme – healthcare professionals

Find out how we manage any personal information we collect about you when you apply for approval as a healthcare professional (HCP) under the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme (NEBDS) and when your patient applies for the NEBDS.

This notice explains how the NEBDS administrator (on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health) manages personal information consistent with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

What information will we collect?

We collect personal information about your:

  • name
  • provider number
  • qualifications/specialisation
  • workplace and work address
  • work contact details
  • signature

Why do we collect this information?

We need this information to determine if you are eligible for HCP approval or if your patient is eligible for the scheme. To be eligible, an approved specialist HCP must refer the patient.  

If you do not provide your personal information:

  • we may not have the necessary information to make a decision on your application to become a HCP under the scheme
  • we may be unable to determine your patient’s eligibility for the scheme

How do we collect this information?

We collect personal information directly from you, via the healthcare professional application form and via the patient application form for the scheme.

Who will we disclose your personal information to?

We may disclose your information to:

  • anyone you’ve agreed we can share with
  • anyone the law requires us to share with

We are unlikely to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients.

How will we store your information?

The NEBDS administrator will store your information electronically in secure databases. If we are required to keep hard copy documents, they are stored in secure filing systems. Only authorised NEBDS administrator staff have access to your personal information. When we no longer need it, or when required by law, we will destroy or de-identify your information.

How can you access or correct the personal information we store about you?

You can contact the NEBDS administrator to access your personal information and correct it if it is wrong. Their privacy policy includes more information about this process.

Concerns or complaints?

The Department of Health’s privacy policy contains information about how you can make a complaint if you think we have breached:

  • the Australian Privacy Principles, or
  • the Australian Government Agencies Privacy Code

The privacy policy also explains how we will manage your complaint.

More questions?

For more information see:

The privacy policies explain what to do if you have a complaint about privacy matters.

National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme administrator

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3 March 2020

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