Extra services agreements for residential aged care

Residential aged care providers offer residents an extra services agreement when they take an extra services room. The agreement sets out the fees and details of a higher standard of things like accommodation, meals and services.

What is an extra services agreement?

Providers offer this agreement to residents who are entering an extra services room. Extra services are hotel-type services, such as better accommodation, food and services.

The extra services agreement is in addition to the resident agreement, but can be part of the same document.

What to include

The extra services agreement includes:

  • the extra services fee
  • details of the higher standard of accommodation, meals and services

How to prepare an extra services agreement

You must discuss the agreement with the resident before or shortly after they enter your care.

The agreement doesn’t need to be in writing and signed, but we recommend you prepare and sign a written one.

The resident must understand and agree to the fees and conditions. You’re responsible for making sure they understand everything in the agreement.

If needed, use the National Translating and Interpreting Service.

When to prepare an extra services agreement

Providers with extra service status offer this agreement to residents who are in an extra service place.

Reviewing and updating extra services agreements

You must review and update the resident’s extra services agreement if:

  • their services change
  • the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority has approved an increase to the extra service fee
  • they ask you to

This should be part of your ongoing care discussions with the person.

You must provide a copy of the updated agreement to the resident as soon as possible after finalising it.

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