Hearing Services Program practitioner requirements

Only qualified practitioners with a qualified practitioner (QP) number, or provisional practitioners under the supervision of a QP, can provide services to eligible Hearing Services Program clients.

Who can provide hearing services

Program services must be provided by an audiologist or audiometrist who is either a:

They must be a member of a recognised practitioner professional body (PPB) in an approved membership category.

They must also comply with the PPB scope of practice and code of conduct.

Recognised practitioner professional bodies (PPB)

We recognise these organisations as practitioner professional bodies (PPB):

Audiology Australia

Audiology Australia (AudA) are Australia's professional community for audiologists. They provide professional development, set ethical standards of practice and offer advocacy services.

Australian College of Audiology incorporating Hearing Aid Audiology Society of Australia (ACAud incorporating HAASA)

ACAud incorporating HAASA promotes and develops the science and practice of hearing care through the education and support of its members. Its members are professional practitioners who provide hearing care throughout Australia.

Approved membership categories

These are the approved membership categories for each PPB.


  • Full accredited member
  • Fellow accredited member
  • Life accredited member

ACAud incorporating HAASA

  • Full/ Ordinary member
  • Fellow member 

See information on pre 1 July 2024 membership categories.

Qualified practitioners (QP)

All qualified practitioners must have both:

  • a current approved membership with a PPB
  • an active QP number.

When checking QP qualifications, providers must confirm that the QP certification is one from an approved category for requesting a QP or linking a QP number. You can view sample certificates of approved membership categories.

QP audiologists and QP audiometrists must also meet the requirements below.

QP audiologists

QP audiologists must have an Australian university master’s degree in clinical audiology (or equivalent) and either:

QP audiometrists

QP audiometrists must have either:

  • an Australian tertiary diploma in audiometry
  • a bachelor’s degree in audiometry (or equivalent).

They must also have current financial full/ordinary or fellow membership with the Australian College of Audiology incorporating HAASA, with a certificate of competency for Hearing Rehabilitation Specialist.

Provisional practitioners

Provisional practitioners must have a supervision arrangement with a qualified practitioner and their PPB. Contact their PPB for details.

Provisional practitioner audiologists and audiometrists must also meet the requirements below.

They are not entitled to have a QP number under the program.

Provisional practitioner audiologists

A provisional practitioner audiologist must have an Australian university master’s degree in clinical audiology (or equivalent) and either:

Provisional practitioner audiometrists

A provisional practitioner audiometrist must have either:

  • an Australian tertiary diploma in audiometry
  • a bachelor’s degree in audiometry (or equivalent).

They must also have associate membership with the Australian College of Audiology incorporating HAASA.

QP numbers

Providers must only request QP numbers for practitioners:

Providers must not request QP numbers for students or provisional practitioners.

Legislation allows us to share QP information with PPBs and program providers to check program compliance.

Requesting a QP number

If you do not already have one, your employer can request a QP number for you through the online portal. You must:

  • meet all the QP requirements
  • ensure the provider uses the same name as your PPB membership.

You only need one QP number for all the employers you work for. Your QP number stays with you even if you change employer.

If you are not sure you have a QP number, contact us before your employer requests a new QP number.

Linking to employers

Any employer you start working for must link your QP number to their business through the online portal. You can link to multiple employers.

Each time you finish working with any employer, they must unlink your QP number from their business through the portal.

Updating QP number records

Provide your employer with evidence of your new membership if:

  • your qualification changes from audiometrist to audiologist
  • you change PPB or membership category.

If you have changed your name, provide your employer with proof of identity. Your QP record in the portal should match your PPB record.

Your employer must email us the relevant documents to update QP records in the portal.

Reactivating your QP number

Your QP number only remains active while you are in an approved membership category of a PPB.

If you need to reactivate your QP number, you or your employer can email us evidence of your membership in an approved category. We will reactivate your QP number.

Employers can read our portal user guide on managing practitioners.

Using your QP number

Your employer uses your QP number to claim for program services:

  • you provide
  • the provisional practitioner you supervise provides.

They should also ensure any file notes for services record the full name of the practitioner delivering or supervising the service.


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