Become a Hearing Services Program provider

You can apply online to become a Hearing Services Program provider and claim for the services and devices you provide under the program. If approved, you must then abide by the program legislation and terms of your contract.

Becoming a program provider

You can register to become a provider. You will need to provide a:

  • signed statement from an accountant confirming financial viability of the entity
  • copy of your public liability insurance certificate
  • copy of your professional indemnity insurance certificate
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission certificate of company registration (if applying as an entity)
  • copy of the trust deed (if your business structure incorporates a trust)
  • cloud provider checklist (if you use offsite electronic storage)
  • copy of your workers’ compensation insurance certificate (if required by your state or territory government)
  • copy of your qualified practitioner professional body membership certificate
  • copy of your registered trading name certificate
  • copy of your ambient noise and equipment calibration certificates.

We will assess your application within 4 weeks. If successful, we will send you a contract, which you must sign and return to us.

We will then provide you with access to the program’s portal, where you can manage:

  • your organisation’s details
  • the details of the qualified practitioners you employ, including linking or unlinking them to your organisation so that you can claim for program services
  • the sites where you provide services
  • program client details.

We will check in with you after 6 months and may audit your service at any time. So be sure to understand your obligations and have appropriate documentation in place to support these obligations.

Read our provider handbook for more information about:

  • policies, procedures and documents required
  • transferring your accreditation
  • buying and selling a business
  • closing a business.

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