Personalisation features of hearing aids

Personalisation features of hearing devices mean you can customise your hearing aid to match your listening needs and preferences.

Manual adjustment

These features allow you to set up different programs on your devices that can help you to easily customise your listening experience in the moment.

Manufacturers may use the term custom programs.

Smart personalisation

These features use technology to learn your preferences, based on how you use your hearing aids.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • self-training

  • intelligent learning.

Clinical tools

These features and technologies help your clinician to:

  • fit and fine-tune your device efficiently and easily

  • adjust your devices to suit your hearing loss, personal preferences and lifestyle needs.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • data logging

  • fitting channels

  • frequency adjustment.

Remote clinician adjustments

These features allow your audiologist or other hearing care provider to fit or fine-tune your hearing aids remotely via a:

  • smartphone app

  • computer

  • tablet.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • telehealth

  • telecare

  • teleaudiology

  • remote fitting.

Health and lifestyle

These features allow hearing devices to be used for a variety of purposes, in addition to hearing and amplification, related to wellbeing.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • in-built sensors
  • accelerometer
  • biometrics
  • global positioning system (GPS)
  • heart rate monitoring
  • activity tracking.

Artificial intelligence

This feature uses smart computing to mimic human intelligence and analyse information, learn, make decisions and perform tasks in hearing devices. These tasks are designed to maximise benefits to the wearer and enhance their experience.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • neural networks
  • deep learning.
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