Connectivity features of hearing aids

Connectivity features allow you to connect your hearing aids to other devices and accessories.


Telecoil features receive sound directly from compatible telephones and rooms with audio induction loops using a small coil inside the hearing aid. Telecoils use wireless technology that is different from bluetooth because they pick up electromagnetic signals. Learn more about telecoils.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • t-coil
  • audio induction loops.

Mobile phone and device connectivity

These features enable you to pair your hearing aids with mobile phones or other devices for:

  • phone calls

  • audio streaming

  • hearing aid control.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • streaming

  • made for iPhone (MFI)

  • made for Android

  • bluetooth.

Accessory connectivity

These features allow you to use tools like remote microphones and TV streamers to hear sound better in difficult listening environments. They include other accessories that provide functionality beyond that of the hearing aid alone.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • app connectivity
  • bluetooth
  • streaming
  • TV streamer
  • remote control.

Phone assistive technology

These features improve the experience of using the telephone while wearing hearing aids. They do this by detecting that a telephone is being used and adjust hearing aid settings automatically.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • automatic phone detection
  • telephone mode
  • telephone program.
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