Comfort features of hearing aids

Hearing aid comfort features are those that make sounds comfortable to listen to in any environment.

Noise reduction

Features that reduce noise improve listing comfort and make it easier to hear the sounds you want to hear.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • digital noise reduction

  • noise reduction algorithms

  • noise cancellation technology.

Tinnitus therapy

These features mask or reduce the sound of tinnitus, or deal with the psychological effects of tinnitus, such as anxiety or stress. They include relaxation exercises, meditation and helpful tips.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • noise therapy

  • notch sound therapy

  • counselling and psychoeducation.

Wearing comfort

These are features that focus on comfort, enabling you to wear your hearing aids more often and for longer periods. They improve listening comfort for people using hearing aids for the first time, or for a person's own voice.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • acclimatisation management

  • occlusion effect processing.

Artificial intelligence

This feature uses smart computing to mimic human intelligence and analyse information, learn, make decisions and perform tasks in hearing devices. These tasks are designed to maximise benefits to the wearer and enhance their experience.

Manufacturers may use the following terms:

  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • neural networks
  • deep learning.
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