Accessing the Hearing Services Program

Read about Hearing Services Program eligibility, services available, hearing devices available, how to apply, and where to find a provider.

  • Eligibility

    Find out who can access the program and where to get support if you’re not eligible.
  • How to apply

    It only takes a few minutes to apply for the program. You can do this online, with the help of a hearing service provider or using a printed form.
  • Find a hearing service provider

    You can access hearing services from more than 300 providers in nearly 3,000 locations across Australia under the program. Our directory can help you find your nearest provider.
  • Have a hearing assessment

    Find out what’s involved with having your hearing assessed, including how to prepare before your appointment, the hearing test, and making a decision about your hearing.
  • Services available under the voucher scheme

    Find out about services funded under the program's voucher option, including comprehensive hearing assessments and more. If fitted with a hearing device, you can access subsidised maintenance.
  • Services available under the CSO

    Access to specialist hearing services may be available to you if you’re eligible for Community Service Obligations (CSO). Find out what services you may be eligible for.
  • Hearing devices available

    If you will benefit from a hearing device, your provider will help you find one that meets your needs and goals. Find out whether a full or partial subsidy is available.
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