Healthy Food Partnership resources

A list of resources relating to the Healthy Food Partnership and Reformulation Program.


Industry Guide to Voluntary Serving Size Reduction

The Industry Guide to Voluntary Serving Size Reduction helps food companies to set appropriate serving sizes for food and beverages. The guide outlines voluntary maximum serving size recommendations for 11 discretionary food and beverage categories.

Partnership Reformulation Program – Implementation plan

This implementation plan details the actions we will take to implement the Partnership Reformulation Program. This includes stakeholder engagement, risk management strategies, the monitoring and reporting framework and considerations for evaluation.

A Rapid Review of Australia’s Food Culture

This report was commissioned by Department for the Healthy Food Partnership. It provides an overview of the current work addressing Australia's food culture, the evidence base behind promoting positive food culture and insights into improving future efforts to address food culture.

Partnership Reformulation Program – Risk assessment report

This document identifies potential risks from reducing saturated fat, sodium and sugar from processed and manufactured foods and drinks, as part of the Partnership Reformulation Program. It also identifies way to manage or minimises those risks.

Partnership Reformulation Program – Rationale paper

This document provides an overview of the process that the Reformulation Working Group followed to develop draft sodium, sugar and saturated fat reduction targets as part of the Partnership Reformulation Program.
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