Healthy Food Partnership

Through the voluntary Healthy Food Partnership, we work with the food industry and the public health sector to encourage Australians to eat healthy foods, and we support food companies to make positive changes. This will help reduce diet-related diseases, and overweight and obesity in Australia.

About the partnership

Read about the partnership, its goals and how we're achieving those goals.

Reformulation Program

Find out how we're working with industry to reduce sodium, sugar and saturated fat from processed foods.

Industry Guide to Voluntary Serving Size Reduction

Find out how we're helping food companies reduce the serving sizes of foods and beverages. 

Committee and groups

See what the program's committee and working groups do.

Reformulation food categories and targets

See a quick reference guide for the sodium, sugar and saturated fat reduction targets for each food categories, as part of the Healthy Food Partnership Reformulation Program.

See the guide

Latest resources

Latest resources

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