Healthy Food Partnership committee and working groups

The Healthy Food Partnership Executive Committee and various working groups are working to implement the partnership's activities. Read more about their work.

  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee oversees the activities of Healthy Food Partnership Program working groups and all program activities. 
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group
    Several working groups are developing Healthy Food Partnership activities to improve the diet of Australians. The Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group oversees and monitors their work.

  • State and Territory Liaison Group
    This group keeps the states and territories informed about activities of the Healthy Food Partnership. 

  • Industry Best Practice Guide Working Group
    This working group developed the Industry Guide to Voluntary Serving Size Reduction to provide guidance and support to the food industry to promote and provide healthier serving sizes. 

  • Foods for Early Childhood Reference Group
    This reference group is developing a best practice guide to support the food industry to improve commercial foods for infants and young children.
  • Reformulation Working Group
    This working group, which has now ceased, set the priorities for the Food Reformulation Program. 

  • Portion Size Working Group
    This working group, which has now ceased, developed recommendations for activities designed to optimise portion sizes. The working group also developed consistent terminology to define the amount of food and beverages that Australians consume.

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