About the Healthy Food Partnership

We are working with the food industry and the public health sector to encourage Australians to eat healthy foods, through the Healthy Food Partnership. Find out why the partnership is important, what its goals are and how we're achieving those goals.

About the Healthy Food Partnership

The voluntary Healthy Food Partnership brings together governments, the public health sector and the food industry to:

  • encourage healthy eating among Australians
  • promote appropriate portion sizes
  • enable food manufacturers to provide healthier choices.

Why it is important

Research has found that Australians of all ages generally:

Poor diet is:

  • responsible for more than 7% of the total burden of disease in Australia
  • one of the main risk factors for years of healthy life lost due to disease – second only to tobacco smoking.

Goals of the Healthy Food Partnership

By supporting healthy eating, the Healthy Food Partnership aims to:

  • encourage Australians to eat healthier, in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • improve the overall health of Australians
  • reduce overweight and obesity
  • reduce diet-related diseases, including chronic conditions
  • lower the significant cost of health care to our economy.

Meeting these goals

We are working with the food industry to:

This work builds on the Health Star Rating system, which is already helping to improve the nutritional profiles of packaged food and drinks.

Who we work with

We work with public health experts and food industry representatives. Food companies are in a great position to help us improve the diet of Australians, as so much of our diet comes from processed and manufactured food.

The Healthy Food Partnership Executive Committee and various working groups are implementing the partnership's activities. 

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