Foods for Early Childhood Reference Group

This reference group is developing a best practice guide to support the food industry to improve commercial foods for infants and young children.


The Foods for Early Childhood Reference Group is developing a guide for the food industry to help improve commercial foods for infants and young children.

This is part of the Healthy Food Partnership. The partnership brings together governments, the public health sector and the food industry to:

  • improve the diet of Australians
  • reduce diet-related diseases, overweight and obesity.

The group will work with the food industry to develop a best practice guide. The guide will support companies to align foods for infants and young children to the evidence and guidelines on early childhood feeding. Guidance areas may include:

  • composition
  • labelling
  • packaging
  • marketing.


Name Organisation

Gillian Duffy (Chair)

Department of Health

Emma Bellantonio

Department of Health

Professor Karen Campbell

Deakin University

Natalie Chong


Daisy Coyle

The George Institute

Allison Grech

South Western Sydney Local Health District

Dr Catharine Fleming

Western Sydney University

Matthew Foale


Peter Fryer

Nestlé Nutrition

Anne-Marie Mackintosh

Australian Food and Grocery Council

Jane Martin

Obesity Policy Coalition

Amanda Murphy

PZ Cussons

Dr Merryn Netting


Shae Rickards

Bellamy’s Organic

Christine Weaver

Kraft Heinz

Related groups

This reference group reports to the Healthy Food Partnership Program – Executive Committee.

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