Combining and transferring residential aged care places

You can apply to transfer allocated places between providers. Adjacent aged care homes can also combine services to save administration work and costs.

Why transfer allocated places?

You can transfer allocated places for various reasons, including if:

  • the size of your aged care home changes
  • you sell or buy an aged care home

How to transfer allocated places

You must tell us if you are:

  • transferring places to another provider
  • receiving places from another provider

Notice to Transfer Aged Care Places to Another Provider

Approved aged care providers use this form to notify the Secretary of the Department of Health of your intention to transfer residential or flexible aged care places.

You need to submit this notice to the Department of Health office in your state or territory (listed on the notice) no later than:

  • 60 days before the proposed transfer date if the transfer receiver is an approved provider
  • 90 days before the proposed transfer date if the transfer receiver is not an approved provider

Combining residential aged care services

Two or more adjacent residential aged care services can apply to combine their services.

Combined services are treated as a variation of an existing service, not a new service. If you plan to combine services, talk to your local state or territory Department of Health first.

Guide to Combining Aged Care Services

Approved aged care providers should read this guide before submitting an application to combine residential care services or Home Care Package services.


State and territory office contacts for aged care service providers

To contact our state or territory office about aged care, email us or call us and ask for aged care services in your state or territory.

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NTplaces [at]
QLDplaces [at]
SAplaces [at]
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WAplaces [at]

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22 January 2020

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