About the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program

The Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program provides integrated health and aged care services to rural and remote communities in areas that can't support both a separate aged care home and hospital.

What is the MPS Program?

The MPS Program provides integrated health and aged care services for older Australians living in small communities in regional and remote areas.

Who the program is for

Older people living in small regional and remote communities are able to access aged care services from an MPS.

Unlike some other aged care programs, you do not have to have an aged care assessment first. However, most MPS require an assessment as part of their own intake policy so that:

If you’re a senior Australian and want to see if there’s a multi-purpose service near you, use Find a provider on the My Aged Care website.

Why the program is important

The MPS Program provides health and aged care services in areas that are not large enough to support both a hospital and a separate aged care home. This means that people can stay in their own communities as they get older, close to their families and community ties.

The goals of the program

The MPS Program aims to give regional and remote communities:

  • improved access to a mix of health and aged care services that meet community needs
  • more innovative, flexible and integrated service delivery
  • flexible use of funding and/or resource infrastructure within integrated service planning
  • improved quality of care for clients
  • improved cost-effectiveness and long-term viability of services

The University of Technology Sydney completed a review of the MPS Program in October 2019. We will publish their report when it's available.

How we will meet these goals

Most of the service providers in the program are state, territory or local government organisations.

They consult with the community to work out what health and aged care needs are not being met. They provide services that:

  • take place in the home (home care) or in an aged care home (residential care and respite care)
  • meet the needs of the community
  • are agreed to by the state or territory government and the Australian Government
  • are co-located with a hospital (in most cases)

The program is available in all states, the Northern Territory and Norfolk Island.

Who we work with

The program is a joint initiative of the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

We manage the program and fund its aged care services under the Aged Care Act 1997.

State and territory governments fund the program’s health services and capital and infrastructure costs.


To find out more about the program contact:

Multi-Purpose Services Program contact

Contact us if you have questions about the Multi-Purpose Services Program or want more information about flexible aged care services in rural and remote areas.

MPSagedcare [at] health.gov.au

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17 February 2020

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