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National Men’s Health Policy 2010

Supporting document: Social determinants and key actions supporting male health

Supporting document: Healthy minds

Supporting document: Healthy routines

Supporting document: Healthy reproductive behaviours

Supporting document: Healthy limits

Supporting document: Healthy workers

Supporting document: Access to health services

Supporting documents: Actions males can take now

Supporting documents: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male health framework revised guiding principles

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Publication date: 
May 2010
Publication type: 
Strategy or framework
Intended audience: 
General public

This document outlines the priorities of:

  • optimal health outcomes for males
  • health equity between population groups of males
  • improved health for males at difference life stages
  • a focus on preventive health for males, particularly regarding chronic disease and injury
  • building a strong evidence base on male health and using it to inform policies, programs and initiatives
  • improved access to health care for males through initiatives and tailored health care services, particularly for male population groups at risk of poor health.