Reporting for residential aged care

All approved providers have annual reporting requirements. Residential aged care providers who held an accommodation bond or contribution have an extra report to do.

Reporting requirements for all providers

All approved providers have compulsory reporting requirements.

Read about reporting and other approved provider responsibilities.

Annual reporting

All approved providers must complete and submit an Aged Care Financial Report (ACFR). All non-government providers must also submit an audited General Purpose Financial Statement (GPFS).

You must also submit the Annual Prudential Compliance Statement (APCS) and APCS audit opinion if, at any point during the financial year being reported on, you held:

  • refundable deposits
  • accommodation bonds
  • entry contributions

View the user guides, and complete and submit the ACFR, GPFS and APCS online through the ACFR portal.

You have until 31 October to complete and lodge your annual ACFR, GPFS and APCS.

Quality reporting

You are required to collect and provide quality indicator data under the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program.

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