Individualised budgets for Home Care Packages

An individualised budget sets out the funds available in a person’s Home Care Package and how the provider will use the funds. Find out what you need to include in the budget, how to work with the person to develop one, and when you should review it.

What individualised budgets are

An individualised budget is a record of:

  • the funds available in a person’s Home Care Package
  • how you will use the funds to pay for services.

What to include in a budget

You must set out the total funds available in a person’s package. Include, as separate items:

  • the Australian Government subsidy (including any supplements the person is eligible for)
  • each of the fees, including:
    • basic daily fee
    • the income-tested care fee
    • any additional amounts the person has agreed to pay.

You must also:

  • show how you will use the funds to pay for each service listed in the person’s care plan
  • include a copy of your pricing schedule.

How to prepare a budget

To prepare an individualised budget, you must:

  • work with the person receiving care
  • consider their goals and care needs – you can find these in their care plan
  • help them to understand the budget

Make sure there are enough funds to cover the cost of the services in their care plan.

If needed, use the Translating and Interpreting Service.

When to provide one

You must provide a copy of the individualised budget to the person receiving care. Do this as soon as possible after they have agreed on the budget.

Along with the individualised budget, you must also provide a home care agreement and a care plan.

Reviewing the budget

You must review a person’s individualised budget if:

  • they ask you to
  • you want to change their services
  • the costs of providing their care or services change

Always discuss changes before making them.

These reviews should be part of your ongoing care discussions with the person.

Changing the budget

After you have made any agreed changes, you must give the person a copy of the revised budget.

If the person requested the changes, you must give them a revised copy within 14 days of the request.


For full details, go to 21A – Individualised budget to be given to care recipient in the User Rights Principles 2014.

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