Working in aged care

Information and resources for aged care workers and the sector. This includes initiatives to grow and upskill the workforce, planning for emergencies, working with diverse groups, and managing infectious diseases.

  • Service continuity and emergency events in aged care
    Having a plan in place reduces risk and the effects of emergencies in aged care. See how to plan and handle emergency events.

  • Aged Care Workforce Action Plan 2022 – 2025
    This plan outlines the Australian Government’s actions to grow, skill and enable an aged care workforce that delivers safe, high quality care that puts senior Australians first.

  • Growing the workforce
    Senior Australians need a skilled, diverse, compassionate and valued workforce who will provide safe and high quality care. The Australian Government is growing and supporting the aged care workforce.

  • Improving skills and qualifications
    Improving the skills and qualifications of aged care workers will deliver safe, quality care that puts senior Australians first.

  • Initiatives for aged care nurses
    Nurses play an integral role in providing high quality care for senior Australians. The Australian Government is supporting and boosting the skills of aged care nurses.

  • Supporting the sector
    Supporting the aged care sector to grow and upskill a workforce that best meets the changing needs of senior Australians.

  • Working with diverse groups in aged care
    We care for people from diverse groups and many different backgrounds. Read about diverse groups in aged care and how to meet their specific needs.

  • Minimising restraints in aged care
    Using restraint in an aged care setting must always be the last resort. Learn about use of physical and chemical restraint in residential aged care.

  • Working with dementia in aged care
    The number of people living with dementia in aged care is growing. Find resources to help you work with dementia in aged care.

  • Managing infectious diseases in aged care
    Infectious diseases can catch and spread quickly in aged care setting. Discover what they are and how to stop them.

  • Prescribing psychotropics
    Psychotropics are a type of drug sometimes prescribed in residential aged care settings. Find resources and information on prescribing psychotropics for people in residential aged care.

  • Police certificate and worker screening requirements in aged care
    It is part of an approved provider’s responsibility to make sure all staff and volunteers are eligible to provide care. Find the latest requirements and changes affecting aged care providers.

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