Charging fees for aged care services

The Australian Government funds approved providers to help with the cost of meeting specific care needs. As an approved provider, you might also ask people in government-funded aged care to pay some fees and costs.

What types of fees can you charge?

The type of fees you charge depends on:

  • the type of services you provide
  • assessments of the care recipient’s financial situation

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) fees

CHSP providers charge a client contribution to help cover the cost of your service. The Australian Government funds the bulk of CHSP services, so the fee will be less than the total cost of the service.

Read more about CHSP fees.

Home Care Package fees

HCP providers may be able to charge:

  • a basic daily fee
  • an income-tested care fee
  • amounts for additional care and services

Read more about fees for Home Care Packages.

Residential aged care fees and costs

Approved providers of residential aged care may charge:

  • a basic daily fee
  • a means-tested care fee
  • additional services fees
  • an extra service fee
  • an accommodation payment or contribution

Read more about residential aged care fees and accommodation costs.

Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) fees

MPS providers may be able to charge:

  • a daily care fee
  • an accommodation payment

Read more about MPS fees.

Disability Support for Older Australians (DSOA) Program

DSOA service coordinators continue to receive the same client contributions they did under the former Continuity of Support (CoS) Programme. 

Read more about DSOA Program fees and charges.

Pricing transparency

Approved aged care providers are required to publish information about their fees and pricing.

This helps people to better understand and compare costs across providers and make a more informed decision about which provider is best suited to deliver their care.

Publishing requirements depend on the type of aged care you offer. See requirements for:

Who governs fees?

Setting fees is the responsibility of the provider. You can set fees up to the maximum allowed for your program.

The Department of Health sets rates and thresholds on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority is responsible for approving:

  • extra service fees
  • proposed accommodation payments that are higher than the maximum amount
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