Before providing aged care services

Information on what all providers need to do before providing aged care services. Some aged care services have specific steps. These include applying to be an approved provider, telling us about your services, publishing the details of your service and understanding your responsibilities.

Providing specific services

Providers can deliver services under a range of Australian Government programs.

Read more about aged care service delivery.

Getting approval to provide services

You must become an approved provider to provide government-subsidised aged care services.

Read more about approved providers and how to apply through the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Registering to claim aged care payments

You need to register for online claiming with Services Australia.

This gives you access to:

Getting set up on My Aged Care

My Aged Care is a single place to find out about aged care for the public.

Senior Australians, their families, carers and representatives use My Aged Care to navigate the aged care system.

Approved providers need to get set up on the My Aged Care service provider portal. From there, you can:

  • manage information about the services you provide
  • manage referrals from My Aged Care contact centre staff assessors
  • update client records
  • request an assessor do a support plan review for a client
  • generate reports

Read more about accessing and getting set up on My Aged Care.

Check for valid approval

An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must approve a care recipient to go into Australian Government-funded aged care, in:

Care recipients entering flexible care other than transition care or STRC do not need ACAT approval.

Check whether a person entering your care has valid approval through the Medicare Aged Care Online Gateway.

When to check for valid approval

You must check that a care recipient has current ACAT approval for the care type and level you provide when they:

  • move from one service to another
  • change their care type
  • need a higher level of care
  • have a time limit on their approval
  • have a break in their care

You will not receive a subsidy for any day the care recipient does not have ACAT approval.

If the care recipient has no current approval

Refer a person or their representative to My Aged Care to arrange a referral for a new assessment if they haven’t had one.

Understand your responsibilities

As an approved provider, you have certain responsibilities to understand and meet.

These fall under the Aged Care Act 1997 and its principles.

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