Before providing Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) services

Before you can provide government-subsidised aged care services through the STRC Programme, you must take several steps. These include applying to be an approved provider, understanding your responsibilities, setting up online services and accepting referrals.

Step 1. Become an approved provider

To be an STRC Programme provider, you must be an approved provider of flexible care.

An approved provider:

Read more about becoming an approved provider.

If you are already an existing approved provider, you can apply for allocated places.

Approved providers of another care type can enquire whether your flexible care status has lapsed through your state or territory office.

Step 2. Understand your responsibilities

To maintain your approved provider status, you must demonstrate the responsibilities of STRC Programme providers.

They include things like:

  • meeting quality standards
  • managing funds properly
  • using a consumer-directed care approach

The Short-Term Restorative Care Programme Manual guides STRC providers on their responsibilities and services.

Step 3. Apply for allocated places

To get government funding, you must have an approved allocation of places.

Before being able to claim the subsidy, you must receive allocated places through:

The allocation of STRC places happens according to the process set out in Part 2.2 of the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act).

Step 4. Set your care fee

You can set your care fee up to:

  • 17.5% of the basic daily rate of the single basic age pension — for STRC delivered in a home care setting
  • 85% of the basic daily rate of the single basic age pension — for STRC delivered in a residential aged care setting

Read more about managing fees and charges.

Step 5. Register with My Aged Care

You need to set up access to the My Aged Care service provider portal so you can:

  • create a profile
  • publish your service prices
  • manage service referrals
  • view your client’s record

Read more about registering and setting up your My Aged Care profile.

Senior Australians will then be able to find your service when they search for a provider.

Step 6. Register to claim the subsidy

Once you are approved, you can register for claiming the flexible care subsidy.

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