Charging for Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Programme services

People receiving STRC services can be asked to pay fees, if they can afford to do so. Find out what fees you can charge as an approved STRC provider.

Charging fees for STRC services

STRC service providers can ask clients to pay a care fee above the flexible care subsidy to meet any additional costs.

The client must agree to the amount you charge in their care agreement. How much you charge is up to you, but there are limits.

Approved providers must not refuse to provide STRC to a person because of the person’s inability to pay fees.

Fees may be waived during the STRC episode should the client’s financial circumstances change.

Caps on care fee amounts

Caps on fees are based on the current pension rates.

For STRC delivered in a residential setting, the most you ask a client to pay is 85% of the basic daily rate of the single pension.

For STRC delivered in the home, the most you can ask a client to pay is 17.5% of the basic daily rate of the single pension.

These rules apply to single and married clients.

If circumstances change

If a client transitions between residential and home settings, where they sleep that evening determines the maximum care fee.

For example if they will sleep in a residential facility, the maximum care fee is 85% that day. If they will sleep in a home setting, it is 17.5%.

If a client leaves the programme, providers can charge a fee up to their point of exit.

What can you use STRC fees for?

You as the provider are responsible for determining what you will spend a STRC fees on, but this must be discussed and agreed to with the client.

Fee amounts and what the fee will be spent on must be transparent in the client’s flexible care agreement, including:

  • how much each service costs
  • how much will be spent on administrative costs

STRC fees cannot be use for services that may be claimed through the Medicare Benefits Schedule or pharmaceutical goods on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule.

Managing fees for STRC

See chapter 3.10 of the Short-Term Restorative Care Programme Manual for information on managing fees, including:

  • determining fees
  • maximum amounts
  • affordability of care
  • refundable accommodation deposits (RAD) and daily accommodation payments (DAP)
  • paying fees in advance
  • care fees for Department of Veterans Affairs clients and Veterans
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