Responsibilities of Home Care Package providers

If you provide government-subsidised Home Care Package services, you must meet certain responsibilities. You must do things like meet quality standards, use a consumer-directed care approach, provide home care agreements and monthly statements, and manage subsidies, fees and services.

Improved Payment Arrangement (IPA) update

Due to the implementation of Phase 2 of IPA, the contents on this page are currently under review.

We encourage you to check the Improved payment arrangements for home care webpage, to access information about how this initiative impacts delivery of the Home Care Program.

Note: We do not have access to all documents created by, received by, or stored by other government entities.

Update: Changes to the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Industry Services Award (SCHADS Award) coming 1 July 2022

Due to the Fair Work Commission’s 4-yearly review of modern awards, they have introduced changes to employment conditions for home care workers.

We encourage you to check the SCHADS Award provider fact sheet and care recipient fact sheet, to access information about the impact of these changes on the Home Care Packages Program.

Aged care service provider responsibilities

You must understand and carry out your responsibilities as an approved provider. These are set out in law.

They include things like:

  • meeting quality standards
  • using funds properly
  • being transparent about the fees you charge.

Important letter – responsibilities of home care providers – May 2021

The department has written an important letter to remind approved home care providers of their responsibilities to the Home Care Packages Program and the new way home care subsidies will be paid in phase 2 of Improved Payment Arrangements.

Letter for home care providers – May 2021

The document is a letter to remind approved home care providers of their responsibilities and support available to help them adjust to the new way subsidies will be paid.

Services you can provide

Home care providers use a person’s package funding to provide certain home care services. You can charge for some additional services, if the person agrees to them.

Responsibilities to care recipients

When providing home care services to a person, you must:

Provide home care documents

For each person receiving home care, you must prepare:

The documents must be clear and easy to understand.

Use a consumer-directed care approach

Using a consumer-directed care approach means you give people choice, flexibility and control over:

  • the types of services they receive
  • how you provide the services
  • who provides the services
  • when you provide the services.

You must:

  • work with them to create their home care agreement, care plan and individualised budget
  • let them decide how involved they want to be in managing their services
  • have ongoing care discussions to make sure services are meeting their needs
  • help them to access information and make informed decisions
  • be transparent about how much funding they have and where it is going
  • inform them of, and help them understand, any fees and charges they will pay under their home care agreement.

To help people understand the fees they will be asked to pay, we recommend you provide them with a copy of the Understanding fees for home care fact sheet.

Understanding fees for home care

This fact sheet outlines the fees you may be asked to pay for home care.

Fee responsibilities

If you charge fees, you must:

Pricing responsibilities

You must be transparent about your prices for services.

Responsibilities to staff

Human resources is an aged care quality standard.

Your workforce must be skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care and services.

Supporting staff so they can provide quality care is part of your duties as an approved provider. This includes:

  • training and development
  • access to vaccinations.

Reporting and record keeping requirements

You must:


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28 June 2022

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