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Section 19AA

Read about section 19AA of the Health Insurance Act 1973 and its requirements for doctors who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia. 19AA determines who can bill patients under Medicare.

What is 19AA?

Doctors who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia must become vocationally recognised. Doctors become vocationally recognised by getting a Fellowship qualification in a specialty that is recognised in Australia.

Section 19AA of Australia's Health Insurance Act 1973  enforces this rule by law.

Under 19AA, you can’t get a Medicare provider number if you are a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, and you are not:

Workforce and training programs to satisfy 19AA

If you do not hold Fellowship, you can provide services covered by Medicare if you are on a section 3GA approved training or workforce program:

The following programs are closed to new applicants. Current participants on these programs satisfy 19AA:

19AA for temporary residents

If you are a temporary resident of Australia, you satisfy 19AA by holding an exemption under section 19AB of the Act.

Help and support for 19AA

Contact us with questions on 19AA and for advice if you registered with the Australian Medical Board before 1 November 1996.

Last updated: 
31 July 2019

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