What we're doing about drugs

We develop plans and strategies, fund programs and research, and work with other organisations to help reduce the harmful effects of drugs in Australia.

Plans and strategies

Our 10-year National Drug Strategy guides all our work to prevent and reduce drug-related harm in Australia. There are several sub-strategies that focus on specific issues related to drugs.


We provide funding to research centres to make sure we have the data we need to make better decisions.

We also fund the Australian School Students Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) survey. This survey is run every 3 years by Cancer Council Victoria’s Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer. Read the most recent survey report from 2017.

Initiatives and programs

Our initiatives and programs target different needs in the community.

Committees and groups

We participate in committees and groups that focus on preventing and reducing drug-related harm.

The Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum (MDAF) is responsible for overseeing work to develop, implement and monitor Australia's national drug policy framework.

Other work

Australia also cooperates with international organisations to combat drug abuse and trafficking.

Last updated: 
4 March 2020

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