Evaluation of the National Ice Action Strategy (NIAS)

This document is a response to the findings of the National Ice taskforce in 2015. This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the NIAS.


Evaluation of the National Ice Action Strategy

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The objectives of the NIAS are to:

  • prevent use of methamphetamine (ice) and other drugs
  • help those who are using these drugs to stop
  • reduce the harms that drugs cause to people and communities.

The NIAS included 30 activities organised into 5 priority areas corresponding to the strategy objectives:

  1. Families and communities have better access to information, support and tools.
  2. Prevention messages are targeted at high-risk populations and accurate information is more accessible.
  3. Early intervention and treatment services are better tailored to respond to and meet the needs of the populations they serve.
  4. Law enforcement efforts are better targeted to disrupt supply.
  5. Better evidence is available to drive our responses.

The NIAS involved significant investments shared by the Australian Government and state and territory governments.

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