About the VAPP Panel

The Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) Panel is a panel of COVID-19 immunisation providers (IProviders). Find out how you can access the panel.

About the VAPP Panel 

Established in November 2021, the Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) Panel is part of the Australian Government’s continued COVID-19 response. The panel is a list of vaccine immunisation providers (IProviders) that can assist governments and eligible organisations deliver COVID-19 vaccines in employment and community settings.  

IProviders deliver vaccinations in line with guidance from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). These providers may also be able to offer the co-administration of flu vaccines under certain conditions. 

Aims of the VAPP Panel 

Since December 2022, the panel’s main purpose is to support the delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in workplace and community settings.  

To accomplish this goal the panel works with:

  • state and territory governments
  • businesses
  • non-government organisations. 

The panel deploys in limited situations where no primary care alternatives exist for administering COVID-19 vaccines in communities.

Benefits of the VAPP Panel

IProviders on the VAPP have been through a tender process and have a contract, or Head Agreement, with the Australian Government.  

This means each provider has shown they:

  • can deliver vaccines safely and effectively
  • have a pricing structure
  • are willing to comply with Head Agreement requirements. 

VAPP continues to manage all aspects of the Head Agreement, including compliance.

Who can access the VAPP Panel

Eligible organisations include: 

  • private businesses 
  • states, territories, and local governments (with a deed of participation) 
  • other Commonwealth agencies 
  • peak groups 
  • not-for-profit organisations 
  • other enterprises. 

Joining the VAPP Panel

Applications to join the panel have now closed.

Email  VAPP@health.gov.au for any updates or changes.

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