Responsibilities of Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) providers

STRC providers have certain responsibilities, including meeting quality standards, providing appropriate care and notifying us of any changes to services.

Program management 

STRC providers coordinate and deliver the day-to-day care. This includes:

  • accepting clients for short-term restorative care
  • working with clients to develop their flexible care agreements 
  • providing services in line with the flexible care agreement and care plan 
  • having processes in place to receive, record and resolve complaints
  • handling complaints fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution
  • keeping service-level information on My Aged Care up to date. 


To ensure quality of STRC care, providers must:

Read more about provider responsibilities in chapter 3.10 of the manual

Services you can provide

You can provide STRC services in a client’s home, an aged care home, or both.

Find out about the services you can and cannot provide when delivering STRC services.

Responsibilities to clients 

When delivering STRC services, you must: 

Read more about managing STRC services

Reporting requirements 

All providers must: 


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