Allocated places for Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Programme

Approved STRC providers can get allocated places through the Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) or through a transfer from another provider. Read about how to apply for or transfer allocated places in the STRC Programme.

What are allocated places for short-term restorative care?

You must have an approved allocation of STRC places to get government funding through the flexible care subsidy.

How to get allocated places

To be allocated an STRC place, you must be an approved provider of flexible care.

There are two ways to get allocated places, which are to:

How places are allocated

The Department of Health is responsible for allocating STRC places.

We allocate places through the ACAR, which takes into account the:

  • number of available places
  • identified needs of a particular planning region
  • the applications’ merits

You can apply for an allocation of places before you’re ready to provide care.

Revocation of STRC places

If you do not use an allocated place for 6 months, the Secretary of the Department of Health may revoke it.

Transferring STRC places

You must fill out the Notice to Transfer Aged Care Places to Another Provider if you are:

  • transferring places to another provider
  • receiving places from another provider

You need to submit the notice to the Department of Health office in your state or territory no later than:

  • 60 days before the proposed transfer date if the transfer receiver is an approved provider
  • 90 days before the proposed transfer date if the transfer receiver is not an approved provider

Subcontracting STRC places

You can subcontract or make brokering arrangements with other organisations to deliver services.

If yours is the organisation with the allocated places, you are responsible for:

  • ensuring service delivery
  • compliance with the legislation

Forms and guides for allocated places

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