Managing Home Care Packages

As a provider of Home Care Packages, you must provide certain documents to people in your care and manage your services, fees and prices. You must also tell us about certain changes and do annual financial reporting.

Changes are coming into effect from 1 January 2023. Learn more about what the changes are and how you can prepare for them.


When managing home care packages, you must always meet the Aged Care Quality Standards.

You’re also responsible for supporting the Charter of Aged Care Rights.

If the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission finds a provider to be non-compliant with their responsibilities, they will progress further compliance or enforcement action. In all circumstances, the commission’s response will be informed by the risk posed to the safety, health, wellbeing, and quality of life of care recipients. For more information visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s website.

We have developed guidance to help you manage packages.

  • Care management and care plans
    Care management is a service you must provide to all care recipients. A care plan outlines a person’s home care needs and how you will meet those needs with the services you provide.
  • Exiting people
    What you must do if a person no longer needs or wants home care, passes away or changes providers.
  • Home care agreements
    You must enter into a home care agreement with a person before you can start providing services to them.
  • Individualised budgets
    An individualised budget sets out the funds available in a person’s home care package and how you will spend the funds.
  • Managing unspent funds
    Unspent funds are the amounts paid to you that have not been spent on a person’s care. Find out how you can better manage package funds.
  • Monthly statements
    Monthly statements show the funds available in a person’s package, how you are spending the funds and the amount of unspent funds.
  • Package management
    Package management is a key administration and compliance service which supports the delivery of the home care package.
  • Temporary leave
    Find out how subsidies and fees may change when a person takes leave from their home care services.
  • Third-party services
    You are responsible for ensuring that third-party services – those provided by another organisation or person – meet aged care standards. Find out how you can use third parties and how to charge for their services.
  • Unspent home care amounts
    This is the total amount of unspent funds left in a person’s package on the day they exit your home care service. Find out what you must do with this amount.


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