Support to comply with the care minutes responsibility

We understand that managing and providing aged care services is complex. We have a variety of supports in place to assist providers to meet the care minutes responsibility.

Workforce initiatives

If you are having difficulty meeting your care minutes targets due to staffing issues, we have programs in place to build, train and support the aged care nursing workforce, including:   

See more information about workforce programs.   

We encourage you to use employer-sponsored visa programs to access direct care staff from overseas where there is evidence of genuine local labour shortages. 

Financial viability and capability support

We deliver financial viability and capability support programs for eligible providers in thin markets who are experiencing financial viability challenges. These include:

Support from state and territory offices 

Our State and Territory Office Network provides locally responsive engagement to understand the issues that influence the delivery of aged care and to help build the capacity and capability of providers. 

Find your local state/territory office to speak with someone for further support and assistance to improve your delivery of the care minutes responsibility.

Additional resources

Our Care time reporting assessment – model pack can help guide you when submitting information and documents for a care time reporting assessment. It contains examples of calculations and workings for information and documents commonly requested.

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